Stone's Community Resources

Stone's Community Resources:
Stone's Community Resources presently gives families and students critical support they may need throughout the school year.  Whether it is a short or long term need, families are encouraged to contact the school for assistance.  Initially called, Stone’s Closet, its primary focus was on providing school supplies to students in need.  The “closet” was born from tragedy in the Fall of 2007, following the death of elementary student, Stone Steger in an ATV accident.  Stone’s family wanted to do something in his memory that would have a lasting and profound impact on future students.  Since his passing, the management of the closet was administered by Mrs. Elizabeth “Liz” Green.  Under her guidance and support the program was expanded to include food and clothing.  By encompassing more than school supplies, Liz developed the program into what Stone’s family dreamed of, a well-funded service for those families and children who require assistance.  Tragically, Liz passed away in February of 2019.  Stone’s Community Resources is now being coordinated by Mrs. Marcie Williams and Mrs. Baylee Barrett.  If your family needs support, please don't hesitate to call 226-2455 x 1121 for assistance.  Donations have taken place in memory of Liz, which will sustain the program for many years to come.  Please know that we are always willing to accept donations of school supplies and food.  If you are unsure as to what needs to be purchased you can call the above number for guidance.