Avon Central School’s Resource Officer is Officer Matthew McFadden. Officer Mcfadden can be reached at or by calling 585-226-2455 ext. 1715.


The School Resource Officer is responsible for safety and crime prevention in the schools.

The officer patrols hallways, parking lots and surrounding streets, handles criminal matters, council students,  and attend meetings concerning safety. In addition they train on a regular basis on SRO related materials, assist administrators with legal questions, and provides an outlet for students to talk about legal issues or bullying.

They actively patrol district property for suspicious activity, unauthorized persons on campus, or unauthorized entry after hours.

Working closely with the building principals and staff of the school to ensure a better understanding of the law enforcement function to maintain a secure learning environment. Also, works with the school’s Administration and special teams on safety protocols and procedures.

The School Resource Officer serves as a visible and active law enforcement officer on campus dealing with law-related areas such as drugs, traffic, trespassing, fighting, and thefts, etc.

They coordinate security for crowd and vehicle control at extracurricular activities and special events. This includes monitoring and instructing students, visitors, and district personnel on proper and lawful campus or facility behavior. They also help to define and maintain a respectful code of conduct.

In addition they assist other law enforcement agencies with incidents involving local criminal activity that may impact the safety of the environment for students and staff. They serve as the initial first responder and school safety coordinator for campus emergencies.

They also conduct security building assessments for schools; guard, check and secure doors, rooms, buildings and equipment.

The SRO may go to homes of truant students and investigate why they are not in attendance.

They also attend sporting events for security purposes.  

The SRO has three main roles and responsibilities.
* Law enforcement officer.
* Second is that of a law-related counselors and law-related educator who develop relationships with students.
* An SRO's primary role, however, is to provide law enforcement-type services to a school to encourage everyone to follow all of the school regulations. SRO's investigate allegations of criminal incidents and make referrals of students to juvenile authorities, when necessary.


SRO’s are expected to work to reduce juvenile delinquency rates by establishing close contact with students and to build positive relationships with them. School Resource Officers also conduct security inspections, monitor crime statistics and work with local police and students to design crime prevention strategies. The ability to work closely with school administrators is a must for any SRO, as is the ability to train school personnel in handling crisis situations.