Athletic Hall of Fame


Mission Statement:
It is the mission of the Avon Central High School Hall of Fame committee to:

  • Recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of outstanding athletes, coaches and other special contributors.

  • Reconnect and maintain a relationship with inductees and their families with Avon Central School.

  • To enhance the current student and athlete understanding and appreciation for the history of Avon Central School athletics.

The Committee:
The committee shall consist of no less than five and no more than seven members who have been involved with the Avon community and have a strong background/interest in Avon School Athletics.  The members shall serve until they choose to resign, unless removed by unanimous vote of the committee.  The Director of Athletics shall serve as facilitator but not as a voting member.  At such time a vacancy occurs, an Avon athletic advisory committee will make an appointment to complete the unexpired term. Voting will be by secret ballot, and no member may vote for himself or herself or a family member.  The committee shall meet as needed. 

Nominations and selections shall be made from one of three categories:

  • Athletes - Athletes are eligible for nomination a minimum of 10 years after their graduating class year.  Achievements must be from their High School years while attending Avon High School.

  • Coaches - Coaches must have coached in the Avon Central School District.

  • Special Contributors - Special contributions to the Avon School District Athletic Program those are extraordinary and outstanding.  This category is left to the discretion of the members of the committee.

Selection Process:
Nominations will be made available to the general public using the available local media outlets.  Special effort will be made to contact class officers during class reunion activities. Nominations will be accepted at all times by the Athletic Director.  Nominations will be reviewed annually during the month of April. The committee will act on the nominations annually prior to the end of the school year. Inductees will be announced annually in August.   An induction ceremony will be coordinated with the Sports Boosters to be held at a halftime ceremony of a home football game. Confirmation of biographic information shall be divided among committee members for verification. Any nomination received by the committee will remain on the ballot. The committee members shall vote by secret ballot.  The facilitator will tally votes and submit ties for re-votes. An inductee may be removed from the Hall of Fame for conduct unbecoming an Avon Central Hall of Fame member.  Removal shall be by unanimous vote. Funding of the awards and ceremonies will be provided through a joint effort of various community groups as well as the Sports Booster Club.

Any questions please contact Andy Englert at (585) 226-2455 ext 1717 or