Mentor Program

The Avon Central School Mentoring Program is a plan created to provide the best instructional and learning environment for students by ensuring the success and ongoing growth of our new teachers. 

Our one-year plan helps us to:

  • Foster the social and professional development of these teachers

  • Facilitate collegial relationships between new staff and current staff

  • Retain beginning teachers

  • Familiarize new educators with policies, procedures, and programs of the district

  • Give guidance and support as new teachers begin their careers at ACS

Mentor training, New Teacher Orientation days, the Mentor/Intern Handbook, observations, coaching, and collaboration of mentors with new staff, training on curriculum and NYS standards, effective teaching strategies, planning and goal setting, other professioanl development sessions, as well as built-in release days for both new teachers and mentors are some of the strategies utilized in this program.

You may contact Amanda Schroeder, our Mentor Coordinator, at, or the Mentor Administrator, Christina Ecklund, at with any questions or concerns regarding Avon School's Mentoring Program.