Employment Applications & Vacancies

Thank you for your interest in working at Avon Central Schools.

Employment Applications can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Civil Service Application

For Teaching and Administrative positions please click here to apply though Recruitfront.

Coaching Application

Immediate Vacancies


  2. COOK

 Full benefit package competitive with other schools in the region. If interested, please submit a Civil Service application located (above) on our website (www.avoncsd.org) under Employment Applications along with contact information for references ASAP.

3. Cafeteria Substitutes - 4 hours daily shift generally from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. as needed in the kitchen during the school year
4. Cleaner Substitutes - 4-8 hours 2nd shift as needed (willing to be flexible); summers off
5. Maintenance - Seasonal Help - 4-8 hours daily primarily lawn maintenance; immediate opening
6. Elementary Lunch Room Monitor- 3 hours daily during the school year. If interested, please submit ASAP a Civil Service application located on our website. (Above)

For all positions listed above, please send application materials to:
Mia Kellogg, District Clerk
Avon Central School
191 Clinton Street
Avon, NY 14414


Vacancies - Extended School Year positions: Special Education Teachers, Teaching Assistants, and Teacher Aides            
If interested, please submit a letter of interest to Jackie Simpson 

Anticipated Vacancy for 2021-2022 - Clerk/Typist
Full benefit package competitive with other schools in the region.
Eligible candidates should contact Livingston County regarding taking the Clerk/Typist Civil Service exam or request to be added to the list if you are currently working as a Clerk/Typist and would like to be considered for the position. Application materials are due by 6/2/21. A list of eligible candidates will be requested from Livingston County on 6/16/21

Virtual Summer School Vacancies
ELA Teacher (grades 7 and 8)
Math Teacher
Science Teacher (Living Environment or Earth Science certification)
Special Education Teacher (grades 7-11)
NY State Certification is required.
July 6th-July 29th
Submit a letter of interest, resume, and proof of certification ASAP to Ryan Wagner rwagner@avoncsd.org or Jenn Miller jmiller@avoncsd.org