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Planning for Excellence

Strategic Planning Updates

January 2021
Avon Central School District Comprehensive Needs Assessment Executive Summary

October, 2020

Dear Avon,

As the still “new” superintendent, I want to provide a brief overview of what’s to come in terms of future planning for the Avon Central School District.

For those of us who are old enough to drive, we understand the benefits of glancing in the rearview mirror from time to time while heading down the road. The practice helps us to take in our surroundings, to connect with, and note the things that are all around us.

A brief look into the mirror at Avon’s planning takes us back to the Strategic Plan that was in place from 2016-2019. This plan established four strategic objectives around which efforts were made: 1) Academic Performance and Personal Behavior, 2) Safe and Healthy Environment, 3) Financially Stable, and 4) School-Community Partnerships.

As this plan neared completion, Dr. Aaron Johnson and the Board of Education partnered with the Educational Legacy Planning Group to commence a long-term effort to establish a subsequent vision and strategic plan to move Avon forward. This work involved: the creation of a video, surveys, a community summit, and a professional learning day. The work was called The Legacy Project. Unfortunately, the project stalled as the work was interrupted by two searches for a new superintendent.

As part of my entry into Avon, I worked from my plan to conduct a number of entry interviews with stakeholders. These interviews revealed to me a palpable appreciation for the Avon Schools and genuine desire to make the schools even better. I rolled up my sleeves and dug into the Legacy data, including the Administrative Team in conducting analysis, sharing discussions, and building shared understanding of the project. I made contact with other schools who worked with the same consultant, and some school leaders even made a school visit with members of the Board of Education. We learned a great deal in a short amount of time.

Less than two months after beginning in Avon, I reached out to the consultant to learn about the possibility of reigniting the work. Unfortunately, any hope of simply continuing on the Legacy path was extinguished by Covid-19. This was initially disappointing, but it also lit a fire for a new approach, an approach that would incorporate the Legacy efforts and yet allow the planning to also include insights and perspectives gained through our more recent past.

We researched a variety of potential options. This research led to Dr. Nicole Alioto and her company Alla Breve Educational Consulting. With 25 years of research experience, Dr. Alioto has spent the majority of her career working in both higher education and K-12 to use data for improving outcomes and effectiveness. Among the services Alla Breve offers are comprehensive needs assessments that utilize a school’s climate to help build a foundation for strategic planning. This is an approach that will expand upon the work of the The Legacy Project and allow even more voices of the Avon learning community to be heard. It would be irresponsible of us to move forward without honoring the present circumstances. The planning process must include insights gleaned from the events of the last year.

Local schools have worked with Dr. Alioto. She is a Dansville resident who has a vested interest in our region. She expressed a genuine desire to work with the data collected from the Legacy effort, ensuring the previously collected data will help to inform new efforts and will not be lost, forgotten, or abandoned all together. Then, she will help us add to the information to shape the process to fit Avon’s needs.

A brief explanation of the process can be found in the included timeline below and the video link. The process will move forward in three phases: 1) Comprehensive Needs Assessment, 2) Collaborative Planning, and 3) Informed Action.




Comprehensive Needs Assessment:

  • Data Scan of the Avon District:

    • Analysis of Legacy Data

    • Review of Academic & Financial Records

    • Entry Interviews

    • Recent Survey Data

  • Additional Perspective Seeking:

    • Surveys, focus groups, and interviews


Collaborative Planning:

  • Produce and discuss a Summary Report via work sessions with the Board of Education, Administration Team, Instructional Leaders, and Planning Teams.


Informed Action:

  • Provide Information:

    • Align actions with various teams such as SITs, SDM/PLT, Technology, etc...

    • Align organizational objectives to desired outcomes.

Our work with Alla Breve will systematically engage all constituent groups in all phases. It will generate a strategic plan that will inform and focus our efforts to produce desired results by the end of the 2024-2025 academic year.

To return to the driving analogy from above, we recognize the benefits of the additional insights produced by examining where we have been and what is around us. A look in the mirrors can certainly be helpful. Yet, when it comes to driving, there is also a saying that goes, “There is a reason the windshield is so much bigger than the rear view mirror” because it is always best to keep your eyes on where you are heading when driving forward.

Let’s travel the road ahead…together.

Thank you,

Ryan Pacatte, Ed.D.