District Demographics

School Facilities

Avon Central School District provides excellence in education for approximately 1000 students from UPK through 12th Grade, and encompasses two education buildings, a transportation facility, a sports stadium complex, and several athletic fields on approximately 90 acres of land in the village of Avon.

Elementary School

Middle School

High School

  • 60,743 square feet

  • UPK - 4th Grade

  • 31 Classrooms

  • Gym/Cafeteria and Auditorium

  • Library

  • Art Room and Music Room

  • STEAM Room

  • Recreation Room

Central Offices:

  • ES Main Office

  • Counseling Suite

  • 94,815 square feet

  • 5th - 8th Grade

  • 15 Classrooms

  • Gymnasium (1100 person capacity)

  • Pool (MS/HS)

  • Weight/Fitness Room (MS/HS)

  • Auditorium (606 person capacity, MS/HS)

  • Art Room and

    Music Room

  • State of the Art Science Rooms

  • Technology Lab/Shop

Central Offices:

  • MS Main Office

  • Superintendent of Schools

  • Business Administrator

  • Pupil Personnel Services

  • Counseling Suite

  • 9th - 12th Grade

  • Gymnasium (1600 person capacity)

  • 24 Classrooms

  • All-Purpose Wrestling/Aerobic Room (MS/HS)

  • 2 Cafeterias (MS/HS)

  • Distance Learning Center

  • Library

  • Choral and

    Music Room

  • Band Room (MS/HS)

  • Art Room

  • State of the Art Science Classrooms

  • Project Lead the Way Pre-Engineering Classroom

  • Technology Room

  • Business Labs

Central Offices:

  • HS Main Office

  • Academic Programs

  • Technology Office

  • Athletic Director

  • Counseling Suite

  • Guidance Office


Avon Central School currently houses all District Transportation on campus. Our Transportation Facilities includes an enclosed parking that maintains our school busses and smaller transportation vehicles, and a Garage for regular vehicle maintenance.

Per Board Policy 5720, "Transportation services shall be provided to meet the needs of the students of the District within specified limits and areas established by the Board of Education. Students attending the primary school who reside approximately 0.5 mile from the school and students attending the secondary schools who reside approximately 1.0 mile from schools will not be provided District transportation to or from school."  For those students for who transportation is provied, authorized centralized pick up bus stops will be located at established intervals in places where students may be loaded and unloaded in consideration of safety factors and these stops will generally be at least 0.1 miles apart.


Communications to the community include a yearly District Calendar, a quarterly District Newsletter, regular News and Live Feed updates via www.avoncsd.org, and social media updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Student achievement, activities, and events are also publicized via local media. The district’s legal newspaper is The Livingston County News.