Board of Education

ACS Board of Education Members

Thank you for your interest in our community’s schools! We hope this information is helpful to you as you participate in the District’s governing process. We are pleased to be the community’s voice in maintaining a quality school system for the children of Avon. Answers to frequently asked questions are provided below.

When are Board of Education meetings held?

Generally, the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month.
Effective starting September 2018, Board of Education meetings will begin at 6:00 PM

Occasionally, regular meetings must be rescheduled or additional meetings held.  The public is notified in advance when this happens through posting on our Calendar of Events on our main web page, posting at the Village and Town Halls, Post Office, and the Primary, Middle, High Schools & District Offices.

Where are meetings held?

In the ACS Middle School Library

Where are agendas available?

Agendas are posted at the Village and Town Halls, Post Office, and the Primary, Middle, High Schools & District Offices.

Copies of the agenda are available at each meeting

Any person wishing to obtain a copy of the agenda on the Friday preceding the meeting or the day of the meeting, may do so by contacting the District Office at 226-2455 ext. 1320.

How do the meetings proceed?

To ensure efficient handling of the business before the Board and the Community at each meeting, all present, including Board members, follow specific rules of order.

All meetings are conducted by the President (or Vice President in the absence of the President), in accordance with a standard agenda format.

What kind of business does the Board address?

The Board of Education’s responsibilities include:  establishing policy for the operation of schools; adopting curriculum; securing money for operational needs and programs; authorizing expenditures; determining goals and standards; interpreting the educational needs of the community; and representing the views of the community in matters affecting education.

What are the Board’s functions?

As your representatives, the Board exercises the community’s rights to local control over public education.  Every Board of Education in New York has legal and financial control over local school matters, subject only to limitations imposed by the United Stated Constitution, federal law, state law, regulations of the Commissioner of Education, and the will of local residents as expressed in local elections.

Can you participate in Board meetings?

Yes.  At every public Board of Education meeting there are two separate opportunities for visitors to participate.  Both are listed on the agenda as “Guest Recognition”.  Visitors are asked, upon being recognized by the Board President, to introduce themselves, state their address and identify the organization they are representing (if any).

The first “Recognition” occurs early in each meeting.  At this time, the Board is open to comment on any subject on that meeting’s agenda.  This guarantees residents the chance to offer opinions on actions slated to take place later in the evening.  Individuals are permitted to speak for up to 3 minutes.  A total of 15 minutes will be allowed for public comment at this time.

A second “Recognition” is on each agenda at the conclusion of regular business, and residents may then speak to the Board on any school-related subjects.  Again, individual speakers will be limited to 3 minutes, with all discussions at this time limited to 15 minutes.

The Board is present to hear your comments but will refrain from commenting until they have had an opportunity to thoughtfully reflect on what you have said.  If your comments require follow up or a response from the Board, appropriate action or follow up will be taken.