Academic Programs

Our children must be college and career ready. What does that mean in our constantly changing world? It means that our children must be technologically savvy and be able to read, write and problem solve in highly focused and skilled ways. In order to prepare our children for their future, the Board of Regents of New York State has initiated a reform agenda that includes improving teaching and learning through a rigorous teacher and principal evaluation system, and using student performance data to make instructional decisions.

The Avon Central School District embraces new education standards and we continuously revise and improve our curriculum using a variety of tools to gauge student learning to inform our instructional practices. Our District Mission is to develop lifelong learners and responsible citizens equipped to prosper in the global society. We are truly blessed and grateful for the dedication of time and effort the Avon Central School staff has devoted, and continue to devote, to supporting the growth and development of our students.

Ms. Christina Ecklund is Avon Central School District's Director of Academic Programs. She may be reached at (585) 226-2455 x 1641 or

Professional Development

The Professional Development Plan (PDP) is designed to provide quality opportunities for all district professionals to participate in staff development opportunities that support their professional growth, and appeals to their professional interests while also improving student achievement through increasing instructional capacity.

Purpose: To improve the quality of teaching and learning, remain current with the profession and meet the learning needs of students.


  • Learning is a lifetime process.

  • Decisions will be based upon the best information available.

  • The Board of Education, District Planning Team, and building teams will collaboratively develop and align goals that will result in improved student achievement.

  • Success will be achieved by setting high expectations for the Board of Education, administration, staff and parents.

  • The dignity of the individual will be valued and respected.  Resources will be utilized to insure that all students will exceed the learning standards.

  • Students will become critical thinkers who can problem solve difficult and challenging issues.

  • The instructional process will meet the intellectual and social needs of the learner.


The Avon Central School Mentoring Program is a plan created to provide the best instructional and learning environment for students by ensuring the success and ongoing growth of our new teachers. 

Our one-year plan helps us to:

  • Foster the social and professional development of these teachers

  • Facilitate collegial relationships between new staff and current staff

  • Retain beginning teachers

  • Familiarize new educators with policies, procedures, and programs of the district

  • Give guidance and support as new teachers begin their careers at ACS

Mentor training, New Teacher Orientation days, the Mentor/Intern Handbook, observations, coaching, and collaboration of mentors with new staff, training on curriculum and NYS standards, effective teaching strategies, planning and goal setting, other professioanl development sessions, as well as built-in release days for both new teachers and mentors are some of the strategies utilized in this program.

Our outcomes in quality teacher performance, retention and increased satisfaction have validated the need and value of a new teacher/mentor program in our District.

You may contact Christina Ecklund, our Mentor Coordinator, at 226-2455 ext 1641, or with any questions or concerns regarding Avon School's Mentoring Program.