Professional Learning

The Professional Learning Plan (PLP) is designed to provide quality opportunities for all district professionals to participate in professional learning opportunities that support their professional growth and appeal to their professional interests while improving student achievement through increasing instructional capacity.

The Shared Decision Making (SDM) Team, comprised of multidisciplinary school staff, representatives of building teams, and parents, work together to review and recommend a plan for appropriate professional learning experiences and opportunities that support the Avon CSD Strategic Goals.

Avon CSD Strategic Goals


Avon CSD focuses professional learning experiences based on the district's strategic plan, building goals, and the alignment with the district APPR plan. Charlotte Danielson’s work is the foundation for the Avon CSD professional growth plan and evaluation process for teachers. The four domains of the Danielson framework are;

  1. Planning and Preparation

  2. The Classroom/School Environment

  3. Instruction

  4. Professional Responsibilities