Cathy DeFranco Kirkwood - Class of 1971

I graduated from ACS in 71, my brother in 66 and my sister in 59.  I visit Avon twice a year and when I get together with my friends we all remember the great food we had and especially Mrs. Thew's Apple Crisp and Cherry Cobbler.  At least we are pretty sure it was her recipe.  I have never been able to duplicate it.  Would love to have both recipes and was hoping there was a way to contact someone who knows her son Ron is around and if he might have it?  Would you be able to put some feeler's out?  My brother met up with some friends of his last year and he said they too talked about the great food we had growing up at ACS and in particular these two delicious items.  Please let me know.  Cathy DeFranco Kirkwood    Class of 71.  Thanks.  cdkirkwood@att.net

To: Class of 1973 Alumni
From: Kathy (Kingsbury) Clark & Sheri (Steele) Brege

Our 40th Reunion is upon us. Time to locate our classmates! If you have a current address (preferably email - but snail mail is fine, too!) please email: sbrege@gmail.com with any information.
Tentative dates for the reunion are August 9 & 10th, the weekend of the Avon Corn Festival. Planning is just starting to get underway.
This is our 40th folks, so let's have a great turnout!!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kathy & Sheri



Gerald Hulbert Jr. - Class of 1974.

Email: hullyup@hotmail.com  Jerry has been keeping records for the class and would like to hear from other class of 74 alumni.
Jerry (hully)


Allen Pike - Class of 1975

Email: apike6@frontiernet.net I moved to Florida in 96 and have lived in Deltona, Sanford and Sarasota Florida. I just returned to Avon after 8 1/2 years. Anyone wishing to contact me, Please do. It was also nice to see those who attended the Class of 75s 30th reunion.  Allen Pike


Darryl R Williams - Class of 1975 

Email: darryl@frontiernet.net  Phone 585-334-1168 Work for the United States Postal service for 27 years Currently attending college to finish my B. S. at RIT and continue on to my MBA. I am married to Tina Lonthair for the last 29 years and have 3 children all grown . Ryan, Leah and Sara.  Ryan and Leah are married and Sara attends RIT


Judy Fisher DeCourcey - Class of 1979

Join us for our 30th reunion August 7 and 8! Details found at http://sites.google.com/site/avoncentralschoolclassof1979/.


Judy Fisher DeCourcey

2009-07-10 UPDATE

We are looking for an address and/or e-mail adress for the following people. If you know it, send an e-mail to ACS79Reunion@gmail.com.

Loretta Bailey, Kim Davy, Joe Hall, Mary Ellen Johnson, Patricia Landon, Barbara Odom, Steve Stamp, Carla Stein, Michelle Stevens, Bob Walters