To:  Avon Learning Community
From:  ACS
Date:  October 1, 2021
Re:  Community Updates

An Update About Community Information-Like  many schools in the region, we work with Genesee Valley BOCES to assist with some of our communication efforts.  For example, the newsletters and annual calendar are typically developed and routed through our partnership with a GV BOCES service.  The service experienced some staffing changes over the summer, some planned changes, and some unplanned disruptions.  These changes are having an impact at Avon.   We typically balance the predictable publications with additional information from the district, buildings, and departments.  Please know that we are continuing to work on our communication efforts.    

To help clarify and manage communication efforts, we will be removing ‘COVID Updates’ from the ‘Community Updates.’  Instead, after today, you can expect a shorter ‘COVID Update’ on Tuesdays and Fridays.  The ‘COVID Update’ will focus on case information and testing information.  Broader ‘Community Updates’ will be sent on an as-needed basis.  The Community Updates will augment information already coming from buildings and departments.  

We hope these changes will add additional focus and predictability while also making the communications a bit shorter.  As a reminder, news and information can also be found on the ACS website and on the Avon App.  

Updates about COVID Cases- Additional cases came to our attention since the last community update early this week.

  • Grade 5 student -  The student was last in attendance on 9/28/21.  Collective contact tracing was conducted, and 5 additional contacts were identified and notified.

  • Kindergarten - Student was last in attendance on 9/24/21.  Contact tracing was done, and 2 additional contacts were identified and notified. 

We receive information related to cases through a variety of sources.  Sometimes the information comes from the LCDOH.  On occasion, the first notification comes from a neighboring county.  Lastly, and most frequently, we hear directly from parents.  The tracing efforts take time.  Our priorities are to confirm the contacts and notify the impacted students and families.  


A Note About Avon’s School Nurses-

Our nurses have been working tirelessly in this process.  They do a great job keeping up with changing parameters, gathering information, communicating with families, and keeping health and safety front and center.  They are doing this in addition to all of the traditional duties of the school health offices.  We would be lost without them.  Please continue to treat them kindly.  We recognize that many are frustrated with the circumstances.  Those frustrations are real and understood.  It has been very challenging for all involved.  Our nurses are wonderful and deserve our best.

The next COVID Update will be sent on Tuesday, October 5th.  Thanks and have a great weekend.