In order to use Google Chrome and Google Aps for Education on a personal device at Avon Central Schools please follow the directions below for your device:

Click here for the SSL Certificate

Chromebook or PC

  • Connect to the Avon CSD Guest network. (Click on the notification that may appear in the bottom right if the browser is not open.)

  • Go to, and under the DEPARTMENTS tab, choose Technology Dept. Then on the left choose SSL Certificate (this page) and scroll to the bottom to see the certificate file itself.

  • Click to Download the certificate file to the root of your Google Drive,

  • Open the Chrome browser on a PC and go to Settings (or on a Chromebook, go to Settings).

  • Click Advanced at the bottom of the page,

  • Scroll down to the HTTPS/SSL header & click the Manage Certificates button,

  • Choose the Authorities Tab (for Trusted Root Certificate Authorities)

  • Click Import & Browse to the .crt file and Open,

  • Check all three checkboxes & OK. Click Done.


iPads and Mobile iOS Devices

  • Connect to the Avon CSD Guest network and Accept the security agreement in Safari (NOT Chrome!) 

  • Click the certificate at the bottom of this page, Choose Install (despite any warnings), Tap install again. 

  • When the green verified check mark appears, tap Done.

Additional step:

  • Open Settings

  • Navigate to General and then About

  • Select Certificate Trust Settings

  • Find Certificate named below the heading Enable Full Trust For Root Certificates

  • Toggle on/off trust 


Macintosh OS

  • Right-click the certificate below and "save link as" to your desktop.

  • Double-click the certificate file and the Keychain will open

  • Change the Keychain setting from Login to System,

  • Make sure the store selected is Trusted Root Certificate Authorities,

  • Click Add.

  • Always Trust, Enter the Local Administrator password.

  • If the certificate still shows with a red dot, Right-Click the certificate and Show Info,

  • Select -ALL- boxes under "Trust for..."

  • If prompted, enter YOUR password (for the currently logged-in account).



(Firefox does not use the same certificate store location as IE & Chrome.)

  • Right-click the certificate below and "save link as" to your desktop.

  • Open the Firefox Tools menu and select Options | Advanced section | Certificates tab

  • Click the "View certificates" button.

  • In the Certificate Manager window, switch to the Authorities tab

  • Click the Import button, Browse & Open. Select all check-boxes and save.