Avon Central School District Name, Imagery, and Mascot Update

We are asking for community input on the names that our committee has narrowed down. Read the update on the process here. Then please click the link to fill out the survey - each person can only fill out the survey once. Thank you.

Recently, the Avon Board of Education, along with all public schools in New York State, received a memorandum issued from the New York State Education Department (NYSED) related to the use of Indigenous (Native American) names, imagery, and mascots. Specifically, the communication conveyed that by July 1, 2023, public schools are to establish a clear timeline to discontinue this practice of using these Native American references.

As the District works through the process of adopting a new name and imagery, this webpage will serve as an information hub. Please check back for updates. 

Background information can be found
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Timeline of communication can be found here.

Name, Imagery, and Mascot Committee

We value the supportive relationship that exists between the district and the Avon community. The BOE recognizes the importance of gathering additional perspectives about Avon’s historical use of Indigenous names and various images as it also considers its responsibilities. To help lead the work ahead, Dr. James Colt and Mr. Timothy Hayes, both life-long Avonites, have established a collaborative process that will help ensure the district meets its responsibilities while also gathering community input. The steps in this process are to:

●Form a representative stakeholder planning team;

● Research and articulate an official record of Avon’s historical use of names, images, and logos;

● Plan and facilitate a process that gathers additional perspectives regarding Avon’s historical use of names, images, and mascots; and

● Develop a proposal for review by the BOE that considers community input while appropriately addressing the charges from NYSED and the Board.

The charge to the stakeholder committee is to:

● Explore options and identify a name (nickname) to be formally adopted via resolution by the BOE and used for the future of the district;

● Establish the appropriate process to gather additional feedback from the community to identify new official images to be used in association with the agreed upon name (nickname) for the district;

● Catalog all uses of imagery that need to be respectfully addressed and recommend a process and timeline for implementing the changes as practical.

Avon Imagery Request Information

As the District works through the rebranding process, there is transitional imagery (logos, graphics) available for school and community groups to use. Please see the attached Avon Branding FAQs Sheet and the ACSD Branding Guidelines for more information before requesting imagery files. 

Avon Branding Guidelines

Avon Branding FAQ

After you have reviewed the guidelines above, if you would like to utilize our transitional images, please click the link below to request image files.

Avon Imagery Use Request Form

Thought Exchange on the Name, Imagery, and Mascot Update

We have used Thought Exchange to allow everyone a chance to share their perspectives and to help our district to understand what’s most important to members of our community.

In a Thought Exchange shared in the spring of 2023, there were 560 participants, 313 of which shared their thoughts, 376 rated thoughts, and 315 participants explored thoughts.

Though Exchange