Use of Cafeteria

Use of Cafeteria

The following rules and regulations will apply to use of any of the cafeteria facilities or property of the Avon Central School District. Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in a forfeiture of the use of the cafeteria facility.

  1. For use of a cafeteria facility, application must be filed with the Business Office, 191 Clinton Street, and approved by the Cafeteria Director and School Business Official.

  2. The individual organization that received approval for the use of the facility will be held responsible for injury, damage, and cleanup of the facility after use.

  3. Under no circumstances are the facilities to be altered or rearranged without permission from the School District. The facilities should be left in the same or better condition prior to use.

  4. Specific facility rules covering the cafeteria are as follows:

  • Use of the kitchen facilities may only take place with the supervision of a member from the cafeteria.

  • Tables are only to be used for their intended purpose and not for a walkway or other type of use.

  • Cafeteria must be left clean with the floor swept and tables wiped off and put back in their original location.