Use of Athletic Facilities

Use of Athletic Facilities

The following expectations covering specific areas will apply regarding the use of any athletic facility or property of the Avon Central School District. Failure to comply to any of these expectations  may result in forfeiting the use of the athletic facility.  Any scheduled use by an outside organization may be changed pending use by the School District's athletic team. 

ALL Fields and Gyms

  1. Pitching should be done only from the pitching mound, and batting only from home plate.

  2. Jumping off/over the fences is not permitted.

  3. Except for official emergency vehicles, vehicles are not permitted on any of the fields – parking should be in designated lots.

  4. Permission to use any school equipment must be obtained in advance, in writing from the Director of Athletics.

  5. No pets in any fenced in areas or playgrounds. Open spaces require pet owners to clean up after their pets. Pets must be on leashes.

  6. No vehicles of any kind are allowed within the fenced area. This includes, but is not limited to, bicycles, tricycles, rollers and roller skates, skate boards, and any other form of 2, 3, or 4 wheeled recreational vehicles

Track/Turf Field Stadium

  1. There will be no food of any kind on the turf field.

  2. Water is the only beverage allowed on the turf field.  All other colored beverages including Gatorade and other sports drinks are prohibited.  Gum chewing is not allowed by anyone on the turf field.

  3. The use of tobacco products, e-cigarettes and vaporizers are prohibited.

  4. Additional security/supervision may be required depending on the event type.  This will be determined by the District at the time of application. 

  5. Metal spikes or high-heeled shoes are not permitted on the turf or on the track – sneakers, track spikes (on track), or appropriate turf shoes must be worn. 

  6. Access to the turf is limited to players, coaches, officials, and others associated with the event while organized activity is in progress.

  7. If there is any blood spillage on the turf, Blood Buster brand blood and organic stain remover is to be used to clean and decontaminate the area. Users are responsible for this. The product can be purchased from Medco sports medicines. Their fax number is 1-800-222-1934.

  8. Groups are allowed to arrive not earlier than 15 minutes before their scheduled use time.

  9. If a user finds a problem, defect or unclean conditions on the turf, they must call the ACS Business Office to leave a message explaining the problem. This will help identify groups that violate our rules and help protect all users.

  10. Appropriate litter receptacles are placed at the turf field and must be used at all times.

  11. The field cannot be used in weather conditions involving the threat of lightning. The presence of even distant thunder warrants leaving the field.  After thunder and/or lightning have left the area, wait 30 minutes after the last boom is heard or strike is seen before resuming play or competition.

  12. Snow and ice should NOT be removed from the turf/track.  Shovels, plows, etc. will damage the surface materials.

  13. Golfing and/or golf clubs are prohibited on the track and turf field surface.

  14. No batting or batting practice shall be permitted within the stadium.  Avon athletic teams and physical education classes will be permitted to conduct infield/skill practice.  No outside organizations will be permitted to play baseball or softball on the turf field.

  15. The use of lighting will be restricted to competitions with the exception of one  practice per week for sports that compete at night.

  16. Users are responsible for notifying their guests of our policies.

  17. The area is to be left the way it was found. This means removal or replacing of equipment that your group brought or moved onto the turf.

  18. Failure to comply with these rules can result in loss of use of the facility.

  19. Organizations authorized to use the school facilities assume responsibility for the conduct of both participants and spectators.  Each group shall designate a responsible adult representative who must be present at all times.  Arrangements for supervision of anticipated crowds must receive prior approval.

  20. Any electrical appliances being brought in for use by the event/function must be identified on the application and pre-approved by the District.

  21. The use of facilities will be restricted to the places, dates and times specifically authorized on the application.  Cancellation of a building use must be made at least 24-hours in advance of the scheduled use to avoid rental fee.


Use of the Stadium Sports Complex

All Weather Track Community residents are permitted to use the all weather track for running, jogging, and walking. Residents are to follow the Stadium Sports Complex rules that are prominently displayed on the fences. The facility will be closed for community use between the hours of sunset to sunrise. Residents are not permitted to use the track during any interscholastic competition scheduled for the Stadium Sports Complex. The District reserves the right to change the hours of access for community use of the track. 

Community Groups Use of the Stadium Sports Complex 

Synthetic Turf Field Use of the Stadium Sports Complex requires additional measures of management, security, supervision, and maintenance. All groups must follow the regulations set forth in this policy. Representative of the community groups are responsible for assuring that all participants follow the Stadium Sports Complex rules that are prominently displayed on the fences. Community organizations outside-of-the-District shall pay a different fee than local community youth groups. A separate fee structure shall exist for Sectional and league use. Use of the lights, scoreboard, press box and concession stand require District personnel to be present. Therefore, an additional cost will be added to the fee for field use. The approval for community groups to use the Stadium Sports Complex must take into consideration the ability of the District to provide appropriate personnel to be on site for scheduled activities. The availability of District personnel is an important factor in the decision-making process.


Swimming Pool:

  1. *No one is allowed in the pool unless a lifeguard with valid lifeguard/CPR/AED certification is on duty.   The maximum number of persons allowed in the water at any one time shall be limited to 90 people in the shallow end and 50 people maximum in the deep end. Each group is responsible for providing and paying its own lifeguards.

  2. Swimming instructors and/or lifeguards must never leave the pool for any reason while swimmers are in the pool.

  3. All people must take showers prior to entering the pool.

  4. No custodian or other school employee shall permit access to pool or locker rooms unless the adult supervisor, instructor, or lifeguard is present.

  5. Permission to use special equipment of any kind in the pool must be obtained from the Pool Coordinator (e.g., sound systems, rafts, floats, etc.).

  6. Pool watcher must be present during all instruction.

  7. For all groups except Curricular/Co-curricular Programs and School Related Groups/Adult Education, a certificate of insurance will be required.

Tennis Courts:

  1. Tennis shoes or sneakers are the only acceptable footwear on the court. No spikes of any kind are allowed.

  2. No vehicles of any kind are allowed within the fenced area. This includes, but is not limited to, bicycles, tricycles, rollers and roller skates, skate boards, and any other form of 2, 3, or 4 wheeled recreational vehicles.