When a student is medically unable to attend their regularly scheduled classes for a given period of time due to illness or injury the District is required to provide tutoring services for the student while they are absent from school.  

Please follow the necessary steps if your child may need tutoring:

  1. Notify the Main Office (585) 226-2455, that your child is medically unable to attend school.  Please provide the name and phone number of the student's doctor so that the office can fax the Doctor Tutor Request Form (also available at the bottom of this page) to their office to complete and return to the Pupil Services Office.

  2. The form will then be reviewed by the Director of Pupil Services to determine if the child is eligible to receive tutoring while absent from school.

  3. After tutoring has been approved, the Pupil Services Office will obtain a "district approved" tutor for the student.

  4. The tutor will contact the parent/guardian of the student to set up a schedule for the tutoring and where the tutoring will take place. (Most tutors are comfortable tutoring in a public place, ie. public library, town hall) 

  5. Once tutoring is in place, the Pupil Services Office will notify the building secretary of who will be responsible for tutoring the student and will ask that the student's teachers provide work to the office for the tutor to pick up on a daily basis.  The tutor is also responsible for bringing the completed work back to the building office for the teacher to pick up.

Rules/regulations for students receiving District tutoring:

  • K-6 students will receive 1 hour of tutoring per day.

  • 7-12 students will receive 2 hours of tutoring per day.

  • If a student has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) the student will receive an additional 45 minutes of tutoring per day.

  • If the student is physically unable to attend tutoring in a public place, the tutoring may be provided in the home.  If this is the case, a parent/guardian MUST be present during the entire tutoring session.

  • If school is not in session due to a holiday or recess, tutoring does not need to take place.  The student is still eligible for the same days off as students attending school.

  • If the student has returned to school but has not used all of their tutoring hours, they are still able to continue their tutoring until the hours are all used up.

If you require additional information regarding District tutoring, please contact the following:

Christina Ecklund
Director of Academic Programs
(585) 226-2455 x1641


Crystal Ryan
Registrar/Pupil Services Secretary
(585) 226-2455 ext. 1416/1424