The school district contracts for transportation through First Student.  The Director of Transportation is Mrs. Becky Gross.  She can be reached by calling (585) 226-2455 extension 1962. 

At the beginning of each school year, Elementary School teachers receive transportation information on students.  This information is provided to the school district through the use of a Transportation Request Form that is mailed to parents and/or guardians with report card envelopes in June.  This is a four-part form that the district asks families to return by July 15th.  Teachers receive the pink copy of the form, the transportation department receives the yellow copy, and the main office keeps the white copy.  Before returning the completed form to the school, parents may remove the gold copy for their own records.  The use of this form enables all parties to be on the same page.  The use of the form also enhances the school's ability to maintain safety for all children who ride the busses. It is extremely important that the teacher knows exactly who to call (primary and back-up), all the contact information for those folks, and the names of everyone who is allowed to pick up your child from school.

Many parents have complicated lives, and the plans for after school transportation and child care can change from day to day.  These inconsistent arrangements can be very difficult for the teacher to keep up with and very stressful for children.  Children feel most secure in a predictable environment, which means that they need to know what's going to happen every day.  It's especially difficult for teachers and children if parents routinely call at the last minute to make changes.  Every year, nationwide, mistakes are made and children are sent to the wrong place or put on the wrong bus.  That's scary for everyone!  It is very helpful if parents have an established schedule that is the same from week to week.  Then the teacher and the child know what's happening every day and get into a routine.  If this is impossible for you, please consider enrolling your child in an after-school program that can provide safe, consistent after-school child care.

For the first week of school in September, Elementary School teachers are strongly encouraged to walk their students to the correct bus to avoid any confusion.  Any changes during the school year to transportation, must be done on the school’s Transportation Change Form.  Handwritten notes from home will not be honored. The change form must be completed at least three days in advance of the requested change.  This allows enough time for the form to be distributed to all parties.

The forms can be obtained in the Elementary School main office or by clicking on the related files below.  The Elementary School encourages parents who use any of the the on-line forms to submit three copies for distribution.

Emergency School Closings

In the event of an emergency school closing, (typically for weather related emergencies) parents are asked to complete a form that indicates where their child should be transported.  These forms are distributed to families on the first day of school.  Please make sure you confirm these arrangements with the necessary people to ensure that they are able to accommodate your plan on any given day.  The school must follow your written instructions indicated on this form.  In past years, during emergency dismissals, we have received a tremendous number of phone calls from parents asking that we change the emergency closing plan for their child.  It is extremely difficult to alter your previous arrangements when our priority is to safely get children home from school as soon as possible. When we are inundated with phone calls like this it seriously hampers our early dismissal efforts.  We appreciate your assistance with planning ahead for these early dismissal situations.  Please keep your child’s teacher informed of any changes.  All changes should be made on an Emergency Closing Transportation Form and given to your child’s teacher.  These forms can be obtained in the main office of the school or by clicking on the related file below.  The Elementary School encourages parents who use this on-line form to submit at least two copies for distribution.

Please Click Here for the Transportation Request Form

Students head to class after an enjoyable bus ride to school.

Students head to class after an enjoyable bus ride to school.