Student Support Services

(Instructional Student Support Team) is a team made up of members of the administrative, teaching, educational services and support staff in the individual buildings.  A typical team might include: the building principal, school counselor, classroom teacher(s), special area teacher(s), reading teacher, psychologist, social worker, special educator and other related services staff.  The primary function of this team is to review and make recommendations for students with special concerns or problems to enhance academic performance.  In this way, resources within the building can be fully utilized.  This team meets on a regular basis with the building administrator acting as the chairperson.  Staff members should use the link below to refer a student to the ISST Team.

Click here for the ISST Referral

The Behavioral Intervention Team is made up of the building principal, counselors, school psychologist, school social worker, security aide, and members from the Livingston County Department of Social Services and CASA. BIT meets weekly to discuss and support students who may be struggling with attendance, behavior, trauma, substance abuse, medical issues, or other challenges that may could be detrimental to student learning. Staff members should use the link below to refer a student to the BIT team.

Click here for the BIT Referral