Scoliosis Screenings


During PE swim units we will be conducting our scoliosis screenings at school (required for girls in grades  5 and 7 and for boys in grade 9) during physical education classes. 

Scoliosis is the medical term for sideways curvature of the spine, the cause is unknown. It becomes more apparent during adolescence because of the growth spurt. This condition can more often be corrected if found at an early stage, if untreated, the deformity which results can be unsightly and cause impairment of the body’s range of motion and endurance. In advanced stages, the distortion of the spine can affect the function of other parts of the body, including the heart and lungs. If longstanding, the condition can also cause back pain. There is a tendency for scoliosis to run in families.

If your child appears to have a deviation slightly from the norm you will be contacted and a letter will be sent home. It will be recommended that this problem be noted by your family health care professional. They may just want to keep an eye on it, or they may refer you for x-rays or to an orthopedic surgeon for examination and treatment.

  • If you child was screened at their most recent physical and it was documented then a screening at school does not need to be conducted.

  • If you would prefer that your child does not participate in this screening please contact the school nurse and provide written documentation.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the school nurse at 226-2455 ext 1435.