Scholarship Information

Seniors are encouraged to visit the Counseling Office often for information on local, state, and national scholarship applications. Click here for a list of local and regional scholarships. Please visit the Counseling Office to confirm the current year's status for the scholarships listed, as changes occur.

Dear students, schools, and organizations:
If you've had a chance to check out the revamped Rochester Area Community Foundation scholarship website at, you may have noticed that more than 40 scholarships now use a new online application system.

One easy way to become eligilbe for scholarships is to use the college board website and follow these 6 easy steps over the course of junior and senior year. After students take the PSAT log in here and follow along:

Click on the link below for the FastWeb scholarship
search engine.


Click here to go to and access their scholarship/college planning web site.

Check out the College Board's scholarship search engine at for more opportunities!