Avon Elementary School schedules, during the year, four half days of student attendance for the purpose of creating time for teachers to meet with parents.  This school year, we will have ½ days in the fall on November 18 & 30, 2021.  In the spring, the conference days will be on March 17 & 22, 2022.  On these days dismissal for students will occur at 12:45 PM.  A parent–teacher conference is a time when staff members and parents gather to discuss how a child is doing in school.  It's a chance for parents to ask questions about the class or their child's progress.  It is also a time for parents and teachers to work together as a team to discuss the different ways that they can both work together to help a child succeed. 

Twenty questions you could potentially ask during a parent teacher conference:


  1. What subject does my child enjoy the most?

  2. What subject does my child enjoy the least?

  3. What can I do to help my child with the subjects he finds difficult?

  4. How can I help my child develop strong work habits and study skills?

  5. Has my child been prepared for class?

  6. Do you see a need to improve his work?

  7. Can I see some samples of my child’s work?

  8. Is my child putting his/her best foot forward?

  9. Does my child actively participate in class discussions and activities?

  10. Is my child scheduled with different classes for different subjects? If so, which ones and why?

  11. How are the instructional groups for reading determined?

  12. How well does my child get along with others?

  13. Have you noticed changes in the way my child acts? For example, have you noticed squinting, tiredness, or moodiness that might be a sign of physical or other problems?

  14. How are you measuring my child’s progress?

  15. What kinds of tests do you give?

  16. What do the tests show about my child’s progress?

  17. How does my child handle taking tests?

  18. What is my child’s guided reading level?

  19. What strengths and weaknesses does my child exhibit when it comes to writing?

  20. How do you assess my child’s writing?