Other Regulations

Other Regulations

  1. Annual reservations shall be renewed each year after the opening of school in September. For these purposes, the summer months are considered to be a part of the preceding school year.
    Avon Central School District reserves the right to revoke a permit at any time.

  2. Required Supervision.
    Organizations or groups granted permits for facility usage shall insure that adequate adult supervision is provided at all times when school facilities are being used. (It is expected that there be a minimum of one designated adult supervisor for each fifteen participants in the activity, event or area). Permit holder must be present for entire function.The presence of a school staff member shall be required during the scheduled time of use by the group or organization. It is the responsibility of the District employee to arrange for access to the facility for the permit holder, to examine said facility before and after use for discovery of possible damage to or loss or property, and to secure the facility upon completion of use. The permit holder shall reimburse the District for the actual costs of such services by District employees if they are provided during times other than when said employees are regularly scheduled for work.

  3. Liability for Damage or Loss of District Property
    Permit holders shall be liable for any damages or loss to School District property, furnishings or equipment so assigned and designated for use. (It is recommended that any damage to the property, including missing furnishings or equipment, be noted by the permit holder upon access to the facility and brought to the attention of the District employee on duty.

  4. Liability for Damage or Loss of Organization or Participant Property
    Permit holders shall be fully responsible for the property and possessions of its members brought into school buildings or on school grounds and will hold the District free of any and all liability for loss or damage to such personal property of the organization or its members as a result of or during use of the school facility.

  5. Liability for Personal Injury
    The permit holder shall indemnify and hold the District harmless from any and all personal liability including bodily injury to its participants arising from the use of school facilities.
    In regard to certain types of activities or events where a particular facility or related equipment and apparatus is to be utilized it may be required that the permit holder carry specific liability insurance and submit to the District proof of same.

  6. Reimbursement for Extra or Unusual Expenditures
    Permit holders shall reimburse the District in the amount sufficient to cover all unusual or extra expenses that might result from the permitted use of school facilities, unless such reimbursement is specifically waived by the Board of Education.