Online Learning

Online learning courses provide all instruction over the Internet as an alternative to our standard instructional program. Avon Central School District has a partnership with AccelerateU to provide online learning courses taught by New York State certified teachers. AccelerateU’s online learning courses are self-paced, interactive, instructor-led, content-rigorous offerings. Some students, on occasion, under unique and compelling circumstances may need to take an online learning course. Online learning courses may be used to meet graduation requirements based on a student’s unique needs and circumstances.

Online learning courses may be offered to students who have exhausted an Avon Central School District sequence of course offerings. The intent of allowing students to enroll in online learning courses is not to supplant or erode current course offerings; but to supplement course offerings for unique student needs and circumstances. Each high school has a designated online learning coordinator. The coordinator works with the online teacher and AccelerateU staff to monitor and support the student’s progress. To be successful and fulfill course requirements, students need to be independent, self-motivated, and work in their courses at least 3-6 hours per week. Students and parents will be required to sign an online learning agreement and read the AccelerateU plagiarism policy.

In all instances, the ACSD has approval authority over its student’s participation in online courses. Upon successful completion of an online course, Avon Central Schools will award credit. Information and applications are available in the Counseling Office and the links below.