Information regarding Medication

A school nurse is prohibited by NYS Education law from dispensing medication to school children without specific doctor’s order.  A doctor's order with instructions for use and a parental signature is required for ALL medication given during school hours. This includes over the counter and prescription medications. Please see form below for a doctor’s order form if needed.

*   An adult MUST deliver medication(s) to the nurse’s office in their original container. Students are not allowed to carry any medication to school. (See the district calendar for more details.).  This includes cough drops, vitamins, pills,...

*   At the end of the school year a parent or designee MUST pick up their child’s medication.  We are unable to store medication over the summer.  Please contact me if you need to set up a different time to pick up (or drop off) medication.  I am usually in my office between 8:10 and 3:30.

*   New medication and orders will be required at the beginning of each school year.  Orders DO NOT carry over from one school year to the next. 

Please notify me regarding any changes in medical conditions, such as prescription changes, allergies to medications, insects, or other existing conditions.  This info is kept confidential and is available only to staff and special teachers on a need to know basis.

Medication Drop Off for 2019-2020 School Year

If your child has medications that will need to be brought to school for this new school year, this will need to be done on August 28th or 29th between 8am and 3:30pm.

Due to the amount of paperwork and time I will not be able to accept medications on September 3rd or 4th as I will be too busy with meetings and taking care of students.

Please remember:

1- An adult must always bring in the medications

2- The medications need to be in the original containers

3- I will need updated doctors orders (last years orders are expired).  The doctor can fax me the new paperwork at 226-1709.



Students are allowed to self carry and use topical sunscreen products approved by the FDA WITH written permission of the parent or guardian of the student. Please bring written permission to the school nurse.