General Guidelines

The Superintendent of Schools, pursuant to authority granted him/her by the Board of Education through Policy #3270, hereby establishes the following administrative procedures, regulations and rules to implement said Policy:


  1. The School District may not aid or perpetuate discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, country of national origin, religion, sex, age, marital status or disability.  Community groups and organizations should review their use of school facilities request for conformity.  The District reserves the right to require evidence of compliance with civil rights law.

  2. All activities conducted on school property shall conform with New York State law and municipal ordinances.

  3. School facilities must be left in the same condition as they are found.  Desks, displays, etc. should not be disturbed.  All electrical equipment or movable properties owned by the District shall at all times remain under the control of the District.

  4. Community groups shall be liable for any damage to school property resulting from activities they sponsor.  A check of the school facility shall be made before and after each activity by the "person in charge" and the custodian assigned.

  5. Vehicles are not allowed on grassed areas or athletic fields.  Parking for any large event should be controlled by sufficient personnel.  Use of auxiliary police for this purpose may be required.

  6. Admission charges, approved registration fees, or concessions may only be administered as stated on the request.

  7. Except for rest room facilities, participants and spectators should remain in the area or room assigned for an activity.

  8. The District assumes no liability for injuries resulting from community group activities.  For all activities, the District requires submission of a certificate of liability or insurance bond using the school district as additionally insured.

  9. The School Superintendent or designee must have free access to all facilities at all times.

  10. The District reserves the right to revoke authorization to use school facilities at any time.

  11. The Superintendent of Schools shall in the event of a contingent budget determine appropriate use fees to be charged after the close of school each day and on non-school days, to satisfy legal requirements related to contingent budgets.

  12. In general, requests will be honored based upon availability, and the ability of the overall facility to safely and manageably accommodate the event. Consideration must especially be taken when the potential for multiple events occurring simultaneously may occur.

  13. Sunday activity is limited to special events, with approval by the Superintendent.

  14. Facilities are not available on legal holidays or when buildings are closed due to inclement weather.