Fiscal Year 2018-2019

The Board of Education and staff are currently working together to develop the 2019-20 school budget.  This page is intended to share the documents and information involved in this process with our stakeholders to make sure everyone is kept well-informed.  As information is shared, questions or comments may arise which you would like to share with the Board of Education and Superintendent.  If this occurs, please contact our District Clerk Mrs. Mia Kellogg at 585-226-2455 ext. 1320 or 

Below is the latest Board of Education budget planning calendar for 2019-20.  Please join us on any of these dates.  Meetings are generally held in the middle school library.

           2019-20 Budget Presentations to the Board of Education 

Wednesday, Jan. 30  Transportation; Debt Service; Capital Outlay

Monday, Feb. 11       Curriculum & Instruction; Vehicles and Equipment

Monday, Feb. 25       Buildings & Grounds; Nutritional Services

Monday, March 11    Special Education

Monday, March 25    Final Budget

Monday, April 8        Adopt Final Budget

Wednesday, May 8   Budget Hearing

Tuesday, May 21      Budget Vote (Noon- 9 pm)