Elementary School

“Learning is the discovery that something is possible.” - Fritz Perls



A Strong Future Begins Here

At the Avon Elementary School, students are provided with a rich, sequential, challenging curriculum that is aligned to the New York State Learning Standards. 

Our school environment motivates students to achieve at their highest potential through educational programs stressing excellence in the core content areas of English Language Arts (reading, writing, listening and speaking), Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. 

We also provide students with the opportunity to enhance their talents and skills by developing a strong foundation in the areas of Art, Music, Health & Physical Education.


Programs Curriculum The Avon Elementary School curriculum follows the New York State Standards.  The area of English Language Arts has been a top priority for the school.  Our goal is to achieve a balanced approach to literacy development.  A focus of this past year was to implement a new reading program as well as receive continued training in the Guided Reading approach to reading instruction.  We are proud to say that our school was recently commended by the New York State Education Department for improving our English Language Arts test scores from 1999 through 2002.  We are currently one of the highest performing schools in English Language Arts in the greater Rochester region.  We were the only school in Livingston County to be named on this prestigious list.  Teachers at the Primary School also utilize the Addison-Wesley mathematic programs.  There is a strong emphasis on using manipulative for math instruction in the primary grades.  Avon believes firmly in the need for science instruction through “hands-on” learning as well.  Science kits that are designed to meet New York State Standards are used as a resource for this instruction.  Our Social Studies curriculum is aligned to New York State Learning Standards and reinforces the understanding of citizenship, civics, government, economics, geography, world history and the history of New York State and the United States.

Students As Individuals

Every student brings with them qualities that enrich the learning environment in a unique way.  We recognize that all children learn in different ways and at an individual pace.  Our school provides many programs that meet the different learning styles and needs of the students.

Special programs are offered to meet these needs.  Beginning with the youngest through the older students in our school; we provide R.E.A.C.H. which is a first grade reading intervention program that supports the most at risk learners, Title I Math and Reading support, Special Education support, and our Project Adept enrichment program.

Quality Staff Committed to Excellence

Our staff shows an amazing dedication to the responsibility of educating all students.  They are committed to providing the highest quality of instruction as they build the foundation for future learning. 

The staff is committed to being leaders in the educational field. They continue to develop the skills necessary by attending professional staff development programs offered through the local Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), continuing educational programs offered at our local Higher Educational Institutions, and by attending conferences focused on teaching and learning.  



The highly developed music program has established an outstanding reputation and attracts a great number of talented students.  Participation begins at the elementary grades and continues throughout the students’ school career.  The opportunity for individual instruction prepares students to perform at the local, county, state and national levels in the following ways: solo festivals, all county, area all state, band musicals, seasonal concerts, community/school holiday concerts, and opportunities to attend professional productions and performances.


Fine Arts / Drama

Students K-12 are able to enrich their artistic talents and apply their creative energies through participation in Drama and the Arts.  Drama opportunities allow students to use boundless imagination to improve acting skills and learn about activities that go on behind the scenes.  Students at each grade level participate in performances at the end of the school year.  Students learn the technical and aesthetic aspects of painting, sculpturing and design. Students display their artistic talents throughout the year culminating in partaking in annual art fairs and competitions.



With the advent of telecommunications, each classroom has three to five computers connected to Local and wide-area networks, voice mail and Internet.  A fully networked on-line library links students to the world’s information resources. 

Student Support Services

Student support services are available drawing from the resources of school psychologist, school social worker, school resource officer and the school nurse to help students deal with educational, health, and social concerns related to home and school. 


Involved Parents Make A Difference

Parents are provided a multitude of opportunities to be involved in their child’s education. Parents are highly encouraged to be involved in their child’s education through supporting their children’s learning at home, or being an active member of the school’s Shared Decision Making Team.  This affords parents the opportunity to help shape future and existing programs and initiatives. A very active Parent Teacher Association lends support to the various programs in the school through volunteering, fundraising, and providing educational and informational programs for students and parents.  Various events sponsored by our PTA include: Get Real About Tobbacco Program, Parents As Reading Partners, Second Step Violence Prevention Program, Chicken Soup Week, and more. Other avenues to pursue are being involved with our Parent Volunteer program and/or Grandparent Volunteer program. 


Avon Central Schools have regular and frequent communication between school and family through open houses, parent-teacher conferences, five week and ten week reports, and through telephone and electronic communication.  Our web page is a growing area for communication to our families.  Parents may complete the necessary paper work to have online assess to their child’s records at anytime.

Community And School Come Together

School and business promote partnerships together and play an active and vital role in helping to shape the future lives of our students.  The Avon Central School District with the collaboration of business and community partnerships, provides every student with optimum educational opportunities. Together this partnership has accepted the responsibility for the education of our students to prepare them for success in life.  The Avon Community takes pride in the school system and supports excellent community sponsored educational and recreational programs for its children.  The Business Education Alliance supports the implementation of the Junior Achievement program in grades two and four.  Additional community programs include:  Fire Prevention Safety, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Awareness, Community Recreation Program, Before and After School Childcare Program, and Community Sponsored Clubs, Organizations and Recreational Activities. School, business and higher education institutes link together to provide opportunities for real world experiences.