Athletic Placement Process (APP)





The Athletic Placement Process (APP) is a program for evaluating students who want to participate in sports at higher or lower levels.  The intent of the APP is to provide a protocol to allow students in grades 7 or 8 to advance upward; or for students in grades 9-12 to move down, allowing student-athletes to participate safely at an appropriate level of competition based upon physical and emotional readiness and athletic ability rather than aged and grade alone. The paperwork required to go through this process can be found at the bottom of this page.  To view the entire booklet from the New York State Education Department, click the link below.

For more information, contact the Athletic Office or the varsity head coach of your sport program.  Please plan ahead in starting the process well in advance of the season as there are several steps that need to be completed to ensure eligibility for fitness testing.   

Step 1: District Policy The Avon Central School District has adopted a Board of Education Athletic Participation policy.  This policy allows 8th grade students to be considered for advanced placement to the junior varsity or varsity level and 7th grade students to the junior varsity level only.  

Step 2: Parent/Guardian Permission  All students who are to be evaluated must first obtain written parent/guardian permission before any evaluation may begin (see Appendix B).

Step 3: Administrative Approval  A committee consisting of the High School Principal, Middle School Principal, Nurse, MS Counselor, Athletic Director and School Superintendent (ex officio) will provide input that the student is suitable for consideration, which includes the likelihood that the student would play in at least 50% of the games. Additionally, because of the increased time demands of participation at the high school level, the student’s academic performance (as determined at the local level) will be at or above grade level. Furthermore, the administrative approval step will assess the student’s emotional readiness to socialize with high school-aged students. If the student is not academically or socially ready, the student will not proceed through the APP.

Step 4: Medical Clearance  The district medical director will determine a student’s physical maturity level, and compare the physical size of the student in relation to that of the students against whom the student wishes to compete. If the student is determined to have attained the appropriate physical maturity level and comparable physical size for the desired sport and level (see Appendix C and H), the student may proceed with step 5. If the student is determined to not have attained an appropriate physical maturity level for the desired sport and level, the process stops.

Step 5: Sport Skill Evaluation  The sport coach will rely on past personal observations and may consider input from the student’s former coaches to complete the evaluation. If the coach is unfamiliar with the student, the sport coach may wish to observe the student in a physical education class (see Appendix D).

Step 6: Physical Fitness Testing This must be done by a certified physical education teacher who is not a coach of the sport for which the student will be trying out. The President’s Physical Fitness Test has been selected as the test for this process, and the student must meet the 85th percentile level for their age in 4 out of 5 test components (see Appendix E, I, and J). For students trying out for swimming, see Appendix J for an alternate fitness test to the 1 mile walk/run- students trying out for swimming may choose to either do the 1 mile walk/ run or the 500 yard swim.  Exception to the physical fitness test requirement: Students who desire to try out for bowling or golf teams are not required to complete the physical fitness testing.

Step 7: Qualification Determination The results of the three evaluations will be sent to the director of physical education/athletics. Only students who pass all parts of the APP are permitted to try out.

Step 8: Try Outs The student is allowed to try out for the sport and level requested or the student must return to the modified level of competition. For students trying out for bowling or golf, see instructions for try outs for these sports in Appendix G.

Step 9: Records The physical education director and/or athletic director must maintain all records of students who have successfully completed the APP. Items to be kept in the student’s file are: Parent/Guardian Permission and Result letters; Maturity Evaluation and Medical Director Form; Physical Fitness results; Coach’s Sport Skill Evaluation.

Step 10: Notifications  A Notification List (see Appendix F) of the scores of all athletes who have successfully completed the process and have been approved through the APP after the try-out period has been completed must be sent to:

  • The Physical Education Director and/or Athletic Director of competitor schools

  • Athletic governing board or Section office

  • ACS Superintendent of Schools

***Steps may not always take place in order because availability of information at that time.