Classes of the 1980's


Lisa Jean Green (Critcher) - Class of 1980 

"Hi, I am Lisa Jean Green (Critcher) a graduate of the ACS Class of 1980. My sister Karla and my brother Allan (Skip) all graduated the same year. While Skip and Karla have remained in NY I am now living down south in Florida. I am interested in touching base with some old friends/teachers (Brian Sherry, Sharon, Peggy McGree, Mr Ippolito, Mr. Fagan, Mr Mountz,Kathy Krebs, Mr Druschell to name a few), but do not have an updated data base on how to reach any of my former classmates. I also am interested in any reunion information/plans for our 25th yr. I have never been able to get back to NY at the times of our past reunions but would love to make plans to attend the 25th if there is to be one.

Untill we meet again... may each day be a new learning adventure and may you be blessed with all your hearts desires."
Yahoo/AIM messenger screen name is: nibseysgirl 


Kate Lasch (Ramdin) - Class of 1981

"I am looking for any information on upcoming reunions for the class of 1981."