Classes of the 1940's


Charles Conner requested that we post the graduating class of 1943. It was the last graduating class of the Avon High School (a building that no longer exists). Charles intends on updating this list with married names and other pertinent information. Charles can be reached at

Class of 1943

Dolores Barber

Mary D'Pasquale

Grace Ingalls

Arthur Phillips

Alice Beckwith

Rose Ann D'Pasquale

George Johnson

Mary E. Rumfola

Anna D. Biondolillo

Mary Palma Emmi

John Lofaso

Seaman W. Stapley

Doris Bishop

Carol Farnum

Rita Lucas

Paul Stoltman

Mary Lou Boorman

Edward Finity

Jean Mack

Phoebe Story

Ralph M. Boyd

Joseph S. Gibbons

Salley Marshall

Jane Tabor

Samuel J. Coniglio

Mary Carol Gray

Robert L. Michel

Marjorie A. Thomasson

Charles L. Connor
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Arthur J. Harrington

Lyda M. Miller

Teresa Whalen

Charles E. Cullinan

Bernice Herman

Betty Ann Nudd

Robert Downing

Mary D'Pasquale

Esther M. Orman