Welcome to the Homeschool webpage for the Avon Central School District.  Here you can find helpful information regarding the NYS Home Instruction requirements, laws and regulations, and the Avon Central School Homeschooling Packet for the current school year.  Please follow the procedures below if you intend to home school your child(ren):

  • Mail, or e-mail, your Letter of Intent to Home School to the Homeschool Coordinator at 191 Clinton Street, Avon, NY  14414 or  The letter MUST include the child's name, date of birth and grade level for the current year. 

  • Following the intent letter, the Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) and the Annual Plan for Instruction and Evaluation must be turned into the District by August 15th of that particular school year. Below are some sample forms of the IHIP and Annual Plan for Instruction if you wish to use them.  The forms are not mandated to be use and you are more than welcome to use alternative forms.  On the IHIP you will need to provide the dates you intend to send in the quarterly reports for review by the Pupil Services Direct.  You are expected to send in the reports as closely to the dates indicated on the IHIP.  Quarterly reports are due four times during the school year: November, January, April and June.  Again, below are sample forms for Quarterly reports, but you may use an alternative form.

  • Along with the quarterly reports, the State requires that each student also have an Annual Assessment to report the student's progress throughout the year.  Per the Commissioner's Regulation for Home Instruction 100.10 subdivisions (h)(i), the test shall be selected by the parent from one of the following: the IOWA test of Basic Skills, the California Achievement Test (CAT), the Stanford Achievement Test, the Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills, the Metropolitan Achievement Test, a State Education Department Test, another test approved by the State Education Department or an alternative form of evaluation such as a narrative of the student's progress.  If you require additional information regarding home schooling in the Avon District, please feel free to contact the following:

Alina Herzog
Secretary to the Director of Academic Programs
191 Clinton Street
Avon, NY  14414

(585) 226-2455 ext. 1645


Christina Ecklund
Director of Academic Programs

Homeschool Coordinator
191 Clinton Street
Avon, NY  14414
(585) 226-2455 ext. 1641

Please use the link below to access the districts Homeschool Packet and other useful, sample forms:

Avon Central School Homeschool Documents

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