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Quinn K. took home first place for her project on phonographs, Vincente P. took second for his balloon-powered car while Gregory G. took third with his project, titled “Where’s the WiFi?”
Principals' Weekly Newsletter
Mike Dale’s design and drawing for production students present their lunar habitat chair prototype to HUNCH Program engineers and mentors Glenn Johnson, Dave Schlichting and Gene Gordon in February.
Students in Lydia D’Amato’s career and financial management class perform a skit on the benefits of buy now, pay later programs that was written by ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot.
Photo courtesy of Beth McEvoy Students in Beth McEvoy’s pre-kindergarten classroom are pictured.
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A representative of Ashley McGraw, the architecture firm handling the district’s capital project design, leads a stakeholder input meeting in February.
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Middle School Picture Day is 3/30
Photo courtesy of Sara Brown: Students in Mrs. Sara Brown’s pre-kindergarten class are pictured making drawings during a recent art time.
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