Avon Central School District

Community Update 8/8/23: Name and Imagery Community Input Request 

The Avon Central School District, after advocating for continued use of "Braves" or a minor transition to "The Brave," is now required to change its name and cease using Native American or Indigenous imagery by July 1, 2025.   

Recognizing the strong, positive, and supportive relationship between the District and the Avon community, it is critical that community members have the opportunity to submit ideas for consideration. To this end, the District has created several methods for submitting ideas including: a digital survey posted online, a code sent via the district calendar, and opportunities to simply call with a suggestion.  

  1. A digital survey is posted online. The survey is open until the end of close on September 7, 2023.

  2. A code to gain access to the survey is enclosed as an extra insert in the Penny Saver along with the district calendar, on our website, and below.

  3. Individuals may call the Avon School District Clerk, Mrs. Jen VanRy, at (585) 226-2455, ext.1320 with suggestions until the close of business on September 7, 2023.

To be clear, this is not a vote. Instead it is a collective effort to gather ideas from the community at large.  Please complete this brief survey to submit ideas.  All ideas will be considered.  

After the close of the survey on September 7th, the District's name and imagery stakeholder team will narrow the list of potential names to a manageable number. Once this happens, the stakeholder team will again engage the community for additional assistance in further narrowing the possibilities.    

The survey will remain open until the end of business on September 7th.  Please see the District website for additional opportunities to submit ideas.

Please contact Mrs. Jen VanRy, Avon District Clerk, if you have any questions: 

  • (585) 226-2455 ext.1320 or jvanry@avoncsd.org

To fill out the survey, click THIS LINK or use the camera app on your phone to scan the QR code and access the survey: